I run a micro-service oriented system, running under a private network, composed mainly of:

  • databases (clusters)
  • internal API's
  • external/public API's
  • workers (services)
  • monitoring servers

All are running Debian (7/8) and mainly using nginx and supervisor.

I'm currently monitoring logs using ELK stack. But I do want to have a monitoring/alerting system to include the following:

  • internal/public API's (calls)
  • databases status (only basic, to know when the cluster does not have issues)
  • ram/cpu for the servers

What do you recommend to use? I'm more open to open-source solution, but also can pay for services that are mature (not interested in startup solutions)

  • If you can spend mich money: dynatrace
    – Marged
    Jan 9, 2019 at 4:56

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Prometheus is a popular tool for monitoring microservices deployed to the cloud in combination with Grafana. For a better understanding of your inter-service issues, a distributed tracing tool is needed as well.

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