In Ansible, I want to use a plugin parameter. For example, the profile_tasks plugin supports a parameter to "Adjust the sorting output of summary tasks".

I enable this plugin by whitelisting it in the ansible.cfg file by:

callback_whitelist = profile_tasks

But how do I use the parameter supported by the plugin?

Note: I just want to use it but I don't know how to. The document says "parameter" and normally I think the way to use a parameter is to "pass a parameter to a function/command line" so that's why I asked "how to pass a parameter". What I want to know is "How to use a plugin parameter".


I've not tested it, but as the doc says, you can configure the plugin via two ways : ini entries or env.

Add below your snippet the following and it should work :

callback_whitelist = profile_tasks

sort_order = descending

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