My company wants to visualize the % of failed/successful deployments of jenkins jobs.

And the way jenkins is arranged complicates the task, each team or project is a folder name and inside the project folder the jobs are called same.

Folder1 samejobname subfolder1 jobname folder2 samejobname subfolder1 jobname . . . folderN samejobname subfolder1 . . . subfolderN

So I need a plugin (there must be one) which can give me this stats of each job so I can take it from API and pull them to prometheus somehow.

I will be very very happy to be pointed in the right direction so thanks in advance for all the help.


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Do you use grafana for the dashboard? If so, you can customize with the prometheus plugin for Jenkins See also: https://piotrminkowski.wordpress.com/2017/08/29/visualizing-jenkins-pipeline-results-in-grafana/

  • This is the aproach we are going but with prometheus instead of influxdb. It took me a while to get that prometheus pull metrics and you don't push them to it. Commented Jan 15, 2019 at 14:13

Have a look at the Summary Display plugin. Some more details about it (= quote from the linked page):

... allows an easy and fully customized build report display.


  • Allow a rich summary report visible from both project and build page
  • Reports must be written in an XML format according to the syntax described in section Syntax Description
  • This plugin allow the parsing of several XML files
  • Reports displayed are ordered according to the XML file names
  • Element displayed are based on

In general, the answer to such questions is usually found by searching the endless Jenkins plugin index.

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