I'm looking at moving to Azure and using Azure Pipelines (I've used Jenkins before now) - I plan to deploy to Azure Kubernetes Service and store my Docker images in an Azure Container Registry. Using Azure DevOps/Pipelines to integrate with Azure's own services would seem to be simplest approach.

I've got a small collection of applications to deploy - about 30 or so. In the Jenkins world I had a Git repository containing my job definitions written in Jenkins Job DSL language and a seed job that would create all 30 Jenkins "pipelines" for me.

Can I do this with Azure DevOps? Is there an equivalent to a seed job process in Azure DevOps?


Jenkinsfile equivalent in Azure repos looks to be a similar question (but not identical).


Yes this can be done, Azure Pipelines can ingest a yaml file, configuring the pipeline as code. These yaml files should be source controlled and the pipeline can be set up to build in an automated way.

You can also reuse steps within the pipeline

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