I recently started working with docker image registry called Harbor. I could not find any tags related to that.

My scenario: In one of the servers at work, there is harbor installed, along with docker, docker compose etc. Harbor site works fine. Harbor is basically a container in itself. so which means multiple containers can be run on the server. I need to provide the dev team with Harbor v1.7. It is better with security stand poinnt and has good LDAP integration. The harbor what we host is very old version 0.4.5.

My questions:

  1. I searched and could not find a way to include two containers, only how to upgrade. If the former is possible, then can you please advice on how should I go about it? which configuration files need to be changed? etc any links would also be greatly appreciated. At the moment all options are to upgrade the existing containers which is more work.At the moment I am aiming blind.
  2. Since the requirement is v1.7 which use postgressql and mysql was only used till v1.5. If I do upgrade, would it cause a lot of issues with respect to tables, schema and db structure?

Any help?

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