I have a project (PROJECT_A) that is triggered through a webhook, and expects the variable $PRODUCT to be set. Its value is used to trigger a certain path in the build. The job in the .gitlab-ci.yml file looks like this:

  stage: publish
    - ./generate_doc.sh $PRODUCT

A webhook call looks like this:


I call this trigger through a webhook from other projects, including PROJECT_B. So I manually filled in the desired value in the respective webhooks, e.g. for PROJECT_B:


When the pipeline in PROJECT_A is triggered, $PRODUCT has the value PROJECT_B, as expected.

I would like to parameterize the pipeline further and take, among others, the commit message into account. All the information I need is apparently provided in the webhook payload.

Is there a built-in way to read this payload in a pipeline? Or alternatively, put contents of the payload into a variable in the webhook like this:


I have found discussions about doing parameterized Jenkins builds using the webhook payload, including this related question. There is also a similar question in the Gitlab forum, without any answer.

Is there a way to do access that payload in a Gitlab CI pipeline? I could probably extract the provided values with a jq call, but how can I get the Json in the first place?

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