In a setup

room1                                                | room2
app1 (plain HTTP) <> HAProxy (2-way SSL) <> Firewall | Firewall <> (2-way SSL) HAProxy <> (plain HTTP) app2

Given that for external reason Firewall in room 2 must end incoming connection lasting > 30 sec is it possible to somehow simulate stable connection for a request that needs more 30 seconds to be processed by app 2? As long as it's transparent for apps 1 and 2, some additional "connection holder" can be added to this setup.

  • A firewall “must” terminate at 30s yet you want to simulate an unbroken steam and you want it all to not look like a hacking attack? The problem here is your network team giving you “must haves” that don’t allow your application to work. – simbo1905 Jan 31 at 7:32
  • It wasn't a problem until there wasn't much data to process by app 2. In most cases, connections to an app having access to the data in room 2 lasting over 30 sec would look indeed suspicious. But not for an app used for reporting processing. The problem is that it'd be easier to deploy new app1 or app2 (+ some module) than get permission for changing firewall settings in that matter. Hence the question about some connection sustainer. Without it, we need to add a pooling mechanism to app1 and job processing manager to app2. – user12112 Jan 31 at 16:14
  • ... or fight for permission for app2 to open a connection outside room2 and notify app1 when the processing is done. – user12112 Jan 31 at 16:17
  • you might get better attention asking at on the information security stackexchange sister site or others as your problem is more networks than devops and may have more people see and respond else where – simbo1905 Jan 31 at 16:34
  • @simbo1905, thx, I'll look for more network-oriented site – user12112 Feb 1 at 13:15

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