I have read about the Virtual Kubelet project.

I can see that it allows you to delegate from Kubernetes to an Azure Container Instance (ACI), that it allows you to deploy both unix/windows boxes, that it will enable "billing by the second".

I'm quite new to Kubernetes and I am struggling understand the advantages in simple terms.

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I'm taking a look at some old questions people might find, I accept that you either solved this a long time ago or moved on!

"In simple terms..." well, yes. It's hard to talk about this without it heading into abstrations, management planes, and similar mind-fogging terminology. In fact, I may be about to fail in describing it without at least some jargon, but it's limited to only jargon you'll already know if this tech will be useful to you.

The simple version is that Virtural Kubelet lets you take advantage of serverless platforms or event-driven platforms acrorss providers (Azure, AWS, GCP).

The idea is that it brings scalability and cost benefits.

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