I have created one IAM User named "test" with S3 and Glacier Permission.

Now with user "test" i created one life cycle policy to move data from S3 to Glacier at every 5 days.

Now, i delete IAM user "test" because i don't need it anymore.

So my question here is, After deleting user "test", S3 Life cycle policy will work or not? OR will there be any impact on life cycle policy?

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S3 Life cycle policy will remain and working as it is.

When you use the AWS Management Console to delete an IAM user, IAM automatically deletes the following information for user:

  • The user Any group memberships.
  • The user is removed from any IAM groups.
  • That the user was a member of Any password associated with the user

  • Any access keys belonging to the user.

  • All inline policies embedded in the user (policies that are applied to a user via group permissions are not affected)

The policy will still exist.

The documentation lists what is deleted when a user is deleted, any resources that the user has created will persist.

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