we use bitbucket as a VCS at work, couple days ago i noticed a typo with one of the branches which was causing build failures so I created another branch (with the correct name) and made the first branch read only so that nobody can commit to this branch. Turns out folks couldnt commit to the new branch (or the old branch) so i had to update the restrictions on the old branch to allow one of the team members.

All of this was done using the bitbucket UI, how do i dis-associate the two branches so that setting permissions on one doesnt affect the other?

  • What/how different are the 2 branch names? Are permissions based on branch patterns or branching model? – Dan Cornilescu Feb 9 at 2:14
  • just case difference - lower case feature1 was the old name and Feature 1 is the new name. Only permissions i set on feature1 branch were to prevent updates and deletes – thatGuy Feb 10 at 17:52

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