I'm preparing a case-study in which I need to capture all the scenarios in which roll back might be required on PROD Server.

Architecture: We are using mircoservices (springboot apps) and db.

What I can think off: 1: Buggy code 2: Legal implication in which we might require a particular version of code which was deployed on PROD. .......

  • This is really too broad, there's a myriad of things which may need a rollback, but it depends on the application architecture, what it does, if the change brings up a database change. There's no one list for that, it always depends highly on the application deployed. – Tensibai Feb 12 at 8:21
  • Question updated – Aman Feb 12 at 10:14
  • I reopened it, but that's still vague and a kind of poll, if this start to pile up "opinions" or attract spam I'll close it again. – Tensibai Feb 12 at 10:23

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