I am struggling to set up an input step in a scripted Jenkins pipeline that will let me as the user to input a string.

Scenario: I am building a Docker image. I want to ask the user what tags to tag the image with once it's built. I want the user to supply a comma separated list like so: latest,0.0.4,some-tag-name

All I have right now is an input asking the user if the core image should be built:

  def buildCoreImage = input(
    message: 'Build Core Image?',
    ok: 'Yes', 
    parameters: [
      booleanParam(defaultValue: true, description: 'Push the button to build core image.',name: 'Yes?')

  echo "Build core?:" + buildCoreImage

So in theory it should be as easy as changing the booleanParam to a stringParam, BUT the documentation does not have it: Jenkins - Pipeline: Input Step

Thanks for your time!

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After some more research I found the answer:

  def coreImageTags = input(
    id: 'coreImageTags', message: 'Enter a comma separated list of additional tags for the image (0.0.1,some-tagname,etc):?', 
    parameters: [
      [$class: 'StringParameterDefinition', defaultValue: 'None', description: 'List of tags', name: 'coreImageTagsList'],

  echo ("Image tags: "+coreImageTags)

Important note

It is stated in the documentation but I want to point it out specifically: If you copy/paste my solution here, coreImageTags will contain a string directly. If you do multiple parameters like so:

    parameters: [
      [$class: 'StringParameterDefinition', defaultValue: 'None', description: 'List of tags', name: 'coreImageTagsList'],
      [$class: 'StringParameterDefinition', defaultValue: 'None', description: 'Something else', name: 'somethingElse'],

You will not get a single values but an array of values:

  echo ("Image tags: "+coreImageTags['coreImageTagsList'])
  echo ("Image tags: "+coreImageTags['somethingElse'])

The following posts will help:

stackoverflow.com read-interactive-input-in-jenkins-pipeline-to-a-variable

CloudBees - Pipeline-How-to-manage-user-inputs

A list of classes you can use in this way and what they do is in the Jenkins Input-Step documentation: Pipeline - Input Step

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