I have a Jenkins job with string parameter as target "server1,server2". Jenkins pipeline script is expected to execute the job on server1 and server2 respectively. There is a common salt sls file that updates directory permissions and groups on both servers. The expectation is when the job is executed on server1, a group by name xx-server1-yy must be created and updated in server1, similarly a group xx-server2-yy be created in server2 only. One sls file for Jenkins job on multiple servers with groups created specific to each server. What is the best approach?

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You didn't say how the sls file is executed.

salt '*' state.apply ftpsync pillar='{"ftpusername": "test", "ftppassword": "0ydyfww3giq8"}'
  • Or you can set the group name as a grain on the minion in advance.

  • Yet another way would be to set the group name as a jinja variable in the sls formula, depending on the hostname grain. Assuming your host names are set and standardized.

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