Today I received an error when trying to clone test plans in Azure DevOps web portal. Steps:

  1. In Visual Studio, I select the Test Case option

  2. I find the Test Plan I want to clone, select it , and then select the "Clone test plan" button.

  3. In the "Clone Test Plan" window, accept all defaults and click Clone.

Result: an error is received: "Clone operation encountered a WorkItem Tracking error while processing test case xxxx. Retry the operation. Error details: TF51535: Cannot find field 25."

It is extremely unfortunate that this issue happened today while I am trying to clone a large test plan. I will have to manually copy the hundreds of tests in order to have the new test plan ready for Monday morning.

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This is an indication that someone removed a field from work item configuration that was represented by 25. It's more of an issue of clean-up not being done when fields are removed. See more about this error on Microsoft's Developer Community.

This other item in the community suggests a different problem when using a particular extension and a fix has been supplied.

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