I run mongo cluster and elasticsearch cluster and want to connect them by mongoconnector or transporter. for mongoconnector i find

docker run -d --link=mongo:mongo --link=elasticsearch:elasticsearch yeasy/mongo-connector

but how can run it in kubernetes

  • Could you please explain your use case? Would help to better suggest. Else, it would be left to interpretation and would be difficult to provide the answer in the direction needed. If we know what you are trying to achieve, that is. – Karthik Venkatesan Mar 19 at 1:06
  • i have mongo cluster and elasticsearch cluster how can i connect them by mongoconnector or transporter – yasin lachini Mar 19 at 13:15
  • this isn't any different in concept to getting any container running a webapp to connect to a redis and a database. there are lots of tutorials on how to deploy an existing webapp that connect to redis and a database. that will teach you the principles of Kubernetes. after that it's just a matter swapping the webapp container for your mongo connector container. – simbo1905 Mar 26 at 9:09
  • could you please show me the useful link – yasin lachini Mar 26 at 10:16

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