I've got a set of build pipelines and I've developed a new rollback feature. Running the rollback pipeline manually invokes the rollback actions and does what I expect. I'm also trying to capture any build fails (usually manually hitting abort, or the job failing at some step) and then automatically invoke the rollback pipeline. Currently I have it in a post action:

    post {
      aborted {
        def node_props = readYAMLProperties("nodes/${env.ENV}.yaml")
        callRollback(node_props['ROLLBACK_JOB'], env.ENV)

The yaml item ROLLBACK_JOB contains the path to the Rollback pipeline so by invoking callRollback and passing on ROLLBACK_JOB it should kick off the Rollback pipeline with the correct environment passed to it.

This however fails with

WorkflowScript: 142: Expected a step @ line 142, column 13.
           def node_props = readYAMLProperties("nodes/${env.ENV}.yaml")

From what I can find, I assume I can't define a variable in the post action? I've been Googling all day on how to invoke my rollback pipeline from the post action with no luck!

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