I have resources which are not on azure or any public cloud like DNS, Traffic Manager, VM's, overtime we have built REST API's to manage their lifecycle via powershell scripts, now we want to setup an automated workflow which allows us to manage provisioning of these resources from a single configuration file, where a resource can be added/removed or modified for a property, I would like the system to be able to determine the desired configuration and compare with what's already in place and call the corresponding API for the resources that are affected.

It seems terraform + custom plugin is best way to move forward, but it feels like a huge learning curve. Is there something more apt for this purpose that can be used?

  • you have provided insufficient information about the technologies involved. if, for example, you can put there things into containers, that’s easier, but what else do they need to run? disk? database? how are they accessed? http or tcp. can they be replicated and load balanced, etc etc – simbo1905 Mar 31 at 18:07
  • Updated the question and body, does it make sense now? The tl;Dr of the question is, want to hook REST API for entities and their model is defined in a config file, what tool helps perform diff on the config file build an execution plan and perform the changes by calling their API's? – Anirudh Goel Apr 1 at 3:12
  • Windows not Linux, right? – simbo1905 Apr 1 at 5:58
  • Yup, purely windows. – Anirudh Goel Apr 2 at 0:12
  • Ansible works with windows. I only have experience of it on Linux. We use it extensively to automate the installation of any systems that we have. – simbo1905 Apr 2 at 5:09

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