I have an application (Logstash) running on a Linux VM and the settings for it are on a GitLab repo. What I want is for the VM to pull the latest version of the settings file and restart the service when I push an update to the repo.

What is the easiest way of achieving this?

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There's no "easiest" way per se, there's the better way for you. I'd recommend using a configuration management tool like Chef or Puppet (for a pull model) for which there's already resources to configure and handle logstash restarts.

That said logstash is able to watch its config file and reload it itself, quoting elastic.co documentation:

Starting with Logstash 2.3, you can set Logstash to detect and reload configuration changes automatically.

To enable automatic config reloading, start Logstash with the --config.reload.automatic (or -r) command-line option specified. For example:

bin/logstash –f apache.config --config.reload.automatic

So you may just set a crontab to git pull your repository periodically and have logstash reload itself.


I would suggest jenkins for this as it can easily integrate wit github, gitlab or any other SCM. Jenkins jobs can be setup such that the build runs whenever you push a commit to the gitlab repo. In the job, you can mention to update the logstash config on the linux VM and then reload/restart your service.

Here are some articles which can help you in proceeding further.



NOTE: If you want to setup this just for a single node, You can also create a very simple script which should pull from github, say every 5 mins, and if the changes are there, it can update logstash config and simply restart the logstash.

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