I have a GitHub Enterprise repository which contains an ASP.NET Core WebAPI sample project with just ValueController.

I also have access to Jenkins instance most probably running on Docker somewhere on the cloud where I have created a freestyle project and I have established the connection between Jenkins and GitHub using GitHub Hooks.

When ever there's a commit to GitHub repo then a build (Pull the latest from Git,) is triggered in Jenkins and it finishes successfully.

Now I want to perform the next step i.e. Restore Nuget and then build the application. I have a docker file in the project directory but I don't know how to make Jenkins execute that.

I tried putting docker build -t ASP.NETCoreSampleWebAPI . in the Build -> Execute shell -> Command but during executin I get the error error

git rev-list --no-walk 26f9309f6828edf5c3df98c761b5742ae646d1bc # timeout=10 [ASP.NETCoreSampleWebAPI] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/jenkins4914681187652875216.sh + docker build -t ASP.NETCoreSampleWebAPI . /tmp/jenkins4914681187652875216.sh: 2: /tmp/jenkins4914681187652875216.sh: docker: not found Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure Finished: FAILURE

Can some one guide me on how to use the dockerfile or docker-compose inside the project directory with Jenkins and do I need to install Docker on the Jenkins server.


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