On pure every new code goes by a PRs, once reviewed and TravisCI pass, we use “Rebase and merge” method to merge the PR into master branch.

We use a dedicated commit to mark a new version, with message like bump version to x.y.z:

* 5b487ca (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) Add tests for `fish_mode_prompt.fish`
* 91631dc (tag: v2.1.5) Bump version to 2.1.5
* 2d41d84 Add empty function in `fish_mode_prompt.fish`
* 9a1aa01 (tag: v2.1.4) bump version to 2.1.4

Moving tag from PR to master

To my understanding tags are not moved from the PRs to master when using the “Rebase and merge” approach. Below I rebased and merged ci-tag-test to master then

git pull origin master --rebase

The result is:

actual tag location

what I want is:

expected tag location

So we have to manually add the tag on master by:

  • pulling master locally
  • tagging
  • pushing tag to remote


How can I automate last steps?

Is it a TravisCI or Github responsability?

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