I invoke a saltstack state file "init.sls" from a Jenkins pipeline as below. If job == Yes, it is expected to execute test_command and test_final, else if job == No, it must execute test2_command and test_final

{% if {{ job }} == 'Yes' %}
    - name: echo "TEST COMMAND EXEC"
{% elif {{ job }} == 'No' %}
    - name: echo "TEST2 COMMAND EXEC"
{% endif %}

    - name: echo "FINAL SUCCESS"

However it is not successful. Is there a better way to achieve using salt state execution?

  • You may want to describe what is not successful means. – Dan Cornilescu Apr 18 at 1:52
  • [Pipeline] Data failed to compile: ---------- Rendering SLS 'base:projects.test' failed: Jinja syntax error: expected token ':', got '}'; line 4 --- {% if {{ job }} == 'Yes' %} <====================== test_command: cmd.run: - name: echo \"TEST IF COMMAND EXEC\" {% elif {{ job }} == 'No' %} dpio_command: [...] ---"}}] [Pipeline] } – Narasimha Apr 18 at 4:30

The jinja syntax error is caused by the {{ around your job var. Those curly braces are not required as you are already inside jinja block, noted by the {%.

So to get your code working just replace your {{ job }} by job. This should be working.

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