Is there a way to perform code review (for your own projects) using GitLab? For instance automated reviews, but also manual review where you can comment and propose changes at a review of a commit?

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Yes, it's possible. Gitlab has the concept of Discussions (either single comments or discussion threads), which you can have on a variety of development items/activities, including the code itself (in which case they effectively are code reviews):

The ability to contribute conversationally is offered throughout GitLab.

You can leave a comment in the following places:

  • issues
  • epics
  • merge requests
  • snippets
  • commits
  • commit diffs

But note that only merge request discussions are presently considered resolvable.

Even though the check for a merge request can be configured to be automated, the starting of a review/discussion itself (if/when needed) is a manual operation. From Threaded discussions:

To start a threaded discussion, click on the Comment button toggle dropdown, select Start discussion and click Start discussion when you’re ready to post the comment.

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