I am developing an open source geographical content management system. The CMS has multiple instances, some of which are not in my control. I would like to apply continuous deployment but I cannot put my head around how to fit it into my situation.

For example, I cannot setup Travis to do deployment because there are multiple installations/instances and I do not manage them all. And even if I manage them all, it would feel weird to put instance specific configuration (such as travis.yml deploy) to the code base of the CMS.

However, I am tired of doing manual git pull; npm install; pm2 reload over SSH for every instance in my control every time we release a new version of the CMS. I wish the updates to be automatic.

What is the recommended continuous deployment approach to a pattern like this? How to do CD without instance-specific data in the code repository?

  • there are multiple installations and I do not know them all. What does this mean; do you manage other instances or not? If not its on the "owner". Unless you want to become Microsoft (forcing upgrades whenever) do not do this. – Kyslik Apr 25 at 9:25
  • @Kyslik I do not manage them. I clarified the question about this, thanks. Forcing upgrades on all instances should be avoided, yes. But how to force a subset of them? – Akseli Palén Apr 25 at 17:03
  • 1
    I suggest you to use dockers for this scenario – CODIMA Apr 27 at 11:53

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