We are at the point of laying out a major healthcare interoperability project based on docker. Think of this as hundreds of systems (of the same type, but different versions), sending hundreds of different types of events, and the integrator microservices should pick up events and eventually update one or more destination systems. The project technical architect is adamant that we should use something called Joyent ContainerPilot with Docker Compose and ActiveMQ and keeps saying that even a fully managed AWS ECS or EKS (Kubernetes) with managed MKS(Kafka or even Kinesis) is an overkill for this and using container pilot is simpler. I have been reading for a while about Container Pilot and it seems to me that unless you use it through a managed services like Joyent Triton, even tens of micro services will bring the support effort to its knees, lest alone hundreds of docker services. Can somebody help me understand what I am missing that we have such a contradicting view with this fellow colleague? p.s. I couldn't even tag joyent because it does not exist.

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