Our company uses Docker Swarm and we need to create a task id registry in order to horizontally scale numerous high memory model service replicas across our computer cluster and subsequently control inbound http routing of id -> model_service[id].

K8 Solution: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers/statefulset/ : a StatefulSet maintains a sticky identity for each of their Pods. These pods are created from the same spec, but are not interchangeable: each has a persistent identifier that it maintains across any rescheduling.

Does Docker Swarm have anything comparable to Kubernetes StatefulSets? If not, what alternatives are available without switching to K8.

  • At the moment, not to my knowledge. But they are still developing new features in swarm mode. Feedback on features you need is used to plan future development: github.com/docker/swarmkit/issues – BMitch May 15 at 18:40

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