I am using docker to scale my service. I know there's a command called --add--host for adding host into /etc/host

However, I have a bunch of hosts need to be added. It's just too long to launch a docker in this way

docker run -it \
  --add-host=testing1.example.com: \
  --add-host=testing2.example.com: \
  --add-host=testing3.example.com: \

Therefore, I was thinking to create a function to read a mapping file and solve the problem.

The file format is like the following

host-list A B C D E F G

I am new on shell script and have no idea to start with.

  • get your shell to read one line at a time from your host-list file then have shell echo the needed syntax you show ... this is a couple lines of bash Commented Aug 9, 2019 at 13:59

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You could try to use docker compose and the docker compose "extra_hosts" tag, as described on the docker compose specification at https://docs.docker.com/compose/compose-file/.


Add hostname mappings. Use the same values as the docker client --add-host parameter.


  • "somehost:"

  • "otherhost:"

An entry with the ip address and hostname is created in /etc/hosts for this service, e.g: somehost otherhostinside containers

So, this will mean, that you need to use docker compose in addition to docker.

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