I am new to Google cloud platform and still learning. I am interested in organizations, where I will have multiple accounts in multiple regions. Is there a way I can query resources based on some configuration parameters across all my accounts? Example - list all Virtual machines which are in US West region, micro size and currently stopped.

  • Do you mean inside a particular product (micro size VMs - possibly compute engine/GCE?) or across all GCP products? – Dan Cornilescu Jun 5 '19 at 12:10
  • Your example could be done through gcloud SDK: gcloud compute instances list --filter="machineType:f1-micro AND status:terminated AND zone:us-west" --project <your-project-id> – manasouza Jul 4 '19 at 19:32

"Multiple accounts in multiple regions" is an AWS idea which is really antithetical to how things are done in Google Cloud. GCP gives you a lot of tools to slice-and-dice your systems, but none of them work in the "multiple accounts/multiple regions" paradigm.

But if you insist on going that route, your best bet may be to create custom bash scripts which harness gcloud, the CLI for GCP. It is a pleasure to use, and could probably do any sort of automation, even across accounts, that you have in mind.

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