In my environment I have multiple instances of Jenkins. One instance is the 'prod' instance that is used by developers whereas the others are for me to test upgrading Jenkins, installing Plugins, tweaking config...

I run Jenkins on K8s and each instance is exactly the same except that it runs in a different K8s namespace.

I want to use webhooks but since the multiple instances are the same, if I just setup webhooks blindly, I will have multiple instances watching the same code Repos and acting on changes.

I could add some logic that when I setup my instances to remove the webhook config for the non-prod instances but I have a strong preference to keep the instances as similar as possible. What I would like to do is to instead have logic at the job or pipeline level (I use Jenkinsfiles with declarative syantax) such that I ignore the webhook if I am on a certain instance.

Is there a way to add some pipeline code that will run at the start of every pipeline?

Is there some global mechanism to manage or filter webhooks as they come in?

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