so, I have a jenkins Master behind an Nginx reverse proxy on a GCP VM machine, and a GKE kubernetes cluster on which I need to have a dynamic slave pods. the pod has to have as an addition to the default jnlp container a custom container with some tools. both the cluster and jenkins master are in the same network. when using only jnlp container the pod comes up and connects successfully, but when adding the custom container the jnlp get's "connection refused". Also - this might help - when accessing the failed pod with kubectl exec I cannot communicate with any IP outside the pod.

the containers do not hit the same ports, the custom container does not in fact has any ope communication process.

so ,

  • jnlp pod alone connects

  • jnlp with custom container side car fails

  • custom container alone - pod is up (no jnlp agent)

any help is appreciated

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