Currently in a quandary over the best way to solve this issue. I've currently got jenkins pulling my app down from github repo, then using a workspace container with node, etc etc to build my application and kick off tests etc - that's all working well.

The trouble or question i have is where to go from here, i'm looking for a way to keep the containers as stateless as possible and ideally doing so package production files into a container rather than leave them directly on the host.

The only issue i have is that both NGINX and PHP_FPM need access to production assets (css files, php files etc) and i'm not sure wether it's better to:

a) Create PHP-FPM docker container and move all built production assets into that container and then work some magic on exposing those assets to nginx container.

b) Create both NGINX and PHP_FPM Containers in jenkins and inject production files into both (seems like a double up).

c) Deploy Production assets directly to host servers and share volume between NGINX and PHP_FPM Containers (which seems to be less dockery?).

d) Some other method i've missed.

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