I have been tasked with creating a report on developer efficiency statistics and would like any pertinent information on how to use Power BI with our Azure DevOps repo (or any other means, this was just the suggestion from my superior) to generate this data.

We have decided to look at the metrics of the numbers of commits per merge and code churn per developer to see how efficient the code produced by each user is. I have been unable to find an easy way to generate tables having to do with this data, and feel as though there should be a fairly easy way to do this that I am just unaware of.

We understand that these statistics are not a distinct measure of the efficiency of a developer, but rather a potentially useful statistic to look at in the greater context of an individual's productivity when compared with many other factors.

If you have suggestions for other measures to help better estimate productivity feel free to share as they will be very helpful for me!

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