One of our group member configured a new Jenkins job and somehow it triggered every minute. This build uploads the artifacts around 250MB to Nexus, so in few hours our nexus server got full and other Jenkins jobs also failing as nexus was full.

So my question is can we,
1. Set limit on Jenkins for Builds per hour for a job.
2. Number of uploads per hour on Nexus from a Jenkins job.

We already have a Task on Nexus, but it removes snapshot tasks after 7 days, as we require it. I also searched for plugins, if any, but are not useful for my case.

Update: The issue was due to the git plugin in Jenkins, from which the problem persists from years. Refer: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-17614

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    sounds like you need to set the quiet period - jenkins.io/blog/2010/08/11/quiet-period-feature – Bruce Becker Jul 11 '19 at 11:28
  • Thanks @BruceBecker, but ill need something at global and admin level – Tejas Jul 11 '19 at 11:55
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    The quiet period is indeed also available at the global level : " When this option is non-zero, newly triggered builds of this project will be added to the queue, but Jenkins will wait for the specified period of time (in seconds) before actually starting the build." (from the quiet period help) – Bruce Becker Jul 11 '19 at 16:06
  • @BruceBecker could you post this comment as an answer? – 030 Dec 19 '19 at 13:56

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