When I try to add a Service connection to a private Docker registry in Azure DevOps, it seems I have to provide a Docker Hub (Docker ID) user and password.

Why is that? I just want to push to our private Docker registry.

I tried putting in my Docker ID and using the service connection in Azure Pipelines, but I get permission denied.

Do you know of any guides to using Azure Pipelines with a private Docker registry?

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  • To use any of Docker's tooling you need a Docker account. Part of this is that Docker will use base images from Docker Hub to build images that may be stored in a private repository.
  • For the Docker ID getting permission denied verify that you used the ID and not your e-mail.
  • Microsoft and others have put together great documentation both Azure Pipelines and private Docker registries: Introduction to private Docker container registries in Azure (will help you make sure it is configured properly) Accessing Azure resources from a Dockerfile (useful since you may be trying to do something similar in your build pipeline)

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