I have a process (exe) on a Windows ec2 that is using up lots of memory. I would like to create a custom metric that will collect data and send to CloudWatch. I would like to also create an alarm when a certain threshold has been reached or surpassed.

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Memory consumption is a metric that has to be reported from inside the guest (EC2 instance). You can use a CloudWatch agent to collect metrics from the guest directly. The agent also supports custom metrics now.

Alternatively, install a third party monitoring system. Which also means that you'll have to get an agent running on the EC2 instance. There are many of those, choose whatever fits your environment.

  • Thank you bgdnlp. Sorry, I should elaborated as what I have already attempted. I have created the necessary role and attached all the correct policies: Get_from_param_store ssm_put_parameter_only AmazonEC2RoleforSSM CloudWatchAgentAdminPolicy CloudWatchAgentServerPolicy AmazonSSMManagedInstanceCore I have also installed the cloudwatch agent and configured two config files: procstat config and statd config. Not sure why it is not sending the memory consumption for that process to CloudWatch.
    – Lamasu
    Jul 30, 2019 at 14:40

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