i have a strange problem that only happened two days ago and don't know where to start checking the issue. One of the jobs that I have is scheduled to run on a daily basis with the following configuration:

H H(0-2) * * *

The configuration doesn't seem to have an issue as Jenkins wrote below the input field that the next build will be in the following day. I am using also the same configurations for 3 other jobs which are working correctly.

Would last have run at Monday, August 5, 2019 2:19:02 AM CEST; would next run at Tuesday, August 6, 2019 2:19:02 AM CEST.

The main problem is that 2 days ago, it started running every 10 minutes and the build itself takes 10 minutes causing it to always build a new release. The logs of the release do not show any error and all of the builds show with a successful status. The only thing that I changed recently was the branch of the GIT release. I am using the same branch on a different job and working fine there.

I tried turning off and turning on the scheduling. It stopped the infinite loop until the very next scheduled time where it continued the loop again.

Job running every 10 minutes

  • What happens if you would disable the cron in jenkins? Will it still continue? – 030 Aug 7 at 15:33

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