Vagrant: 1.9.5
Provider: Virtualbox 5.2.30
Guest: precise32
Host: windows 7 -32bit, build:7600
Powershell: 2.0

Vagrant destroy & up output
nothing happens here...just an empty directory " .vagrant " is being created

Expected behavior
virtualbox should be picked up by vagrant

Actual behavior
Cursor blinks ..that's it nothing happens on -> vagrant up and on -> vagrant global-status ->it shows "There are no active Vagrant environments on this computer! "

Possible reasons for this behavior
I think there are some version dependecies between vagrant, virtualbox & powershell. I don't know I'm just guessing.

I have read numerous official docs and similar previous issue, nothing worked. when vagrant up command is issued, it does nothing, the cursor keeps blinking forever.

I know this is dumb question, I can use latest releases but is there anything I can do with this setup

enter image description here

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If it's an Intel CPU, you may have to enable Intel VT-x in the bios. Sometimes the virtual machine will tell you this, and sometimes not. Here's a link that might help (ignore the Windows 10 part since you're on Win7). Also getting everything to the newest version would be a good idea if you can.

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