I have a kubernetes cluster in Azure. In this i have three namespaces:

  1. development
  2. staging
  3. production

I have installed nginx ingress controller into its own namespace, ingress-nginx. I am kind of new to the ingress part, and I cant seem to find anywhere any advice if I should have a controller pr namespace, or share one controller with all.

Should I have one that is shared or install one pr. namespace? What is the pattern here?

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I would suggest at least one for production and one for npe. The nginx-ingress helm chart appears to only support setting a scope to all namespaces or just one namespace (a frustrating limitation not in other ingress controller options):



  • Or simply don't use helm, it's really simple to deploy ingress-nginx without it.
    – Gothrek
    Sep 30, 2019 at 13:39

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