I'd like to see wich Roles in iam yield a certain permission. In other words, for a given permission (like billing.accounts.updateUsageExportSpec) I want to know a list of Roles, that satisfy this permission.

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Looks like only the roles/billing.admin: https://cloud.google.com/iam/docs/understanding-roles#billing-roles


If under unix, with gcloud SDK you can execute the following script:

export expected_permission=billing.accounts.updateUsageExportSpec

for role in $(gcloud iam roles list --format='value(NAME)');                                     
do permissions=$(gcloud iam roles describe $role --format='value(includedPermissions)')
if [[ $permissions =~ $expected_permission  ]]; then echo "-------------------------------------------------" &&  echo $role && echo "-------------------------------------------------"; fi

Either way, there's this reference in official docs where permission/roles mapping can be shown

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