I have a molecule scenario that creates 3 docker instances, each having a different configuration from the same role. The three communicates with each other as I put the instances IP addresses in their respective configuration files.

I need to test that the correct IP address is set the config files of each instance.

How can I access ansible group and host variables from goss?


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Since goss can use variables from a yaml or json file, I just modified the verify.yml example playbook to export this variable and use it in the goss command.

- name: Verify
  hosts: all
  become: true
    goss_vars: "{{ goss_test_directory }}/vars"
    - name: Register hostvars
        content: "{'hostvars': {{ hostvars }}}"
        dest: "{{ goss_vars }}"

    - name: Execute Goss tests
      command: "{{ goss_bin }} --vars {{ goss_vars }} -g {{ item }} validate --format {{ goss_format }}"
      register: test_results
      with_items: "{{ test_files.stdout_lines }}"
      failed_when: false


Then the variable is available in goss test files as {{ .Vars.hostvars }}.

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