Elastic Container Registry (ECR) for example supports Tag Immutability (TI). TI implies that docker tags cannot be overwritten if they exist in a docker-registry.

The settings of the organization and the ones from a repository were inspected, but no TI setting was found.


  • Does quay support TI?
  • If true, how to enable it
  • If false, how do you or does your organization prevent that tag overwrite takes place?

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At first glance, it seems that tag immutability is not a feature provided by Quay. You can enable "Trust and Signing" in the "settings" of the repo:

Please note that this will not prevent users from overwriting signed tags without updating signatures. This means that:

  • Any tag operations in the UI or client can cause inconsistency
  • Builds should not push to signed tags

We recommend you maintain a strict separation between signed and unsigned tags to avoid any issues with garbage collection.

So, you can sign tags, but you can't prevent them from being updated.

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