I'my trying to create a tpu for my vm instance from this tutorial but get this error message:

ERROR: (gcloud.compute.tpus.create) PERMISSION_DENIED: Location europe-west1-b is not found or access is unauthorized.

I have enabled all of the access the vm can have but i still have this error.

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According to "TPU types and zones" TPUs are only available in a very limited set of regions, namely:

  • Europe, Middle East and Africa
    • europe-west4-a (Eemshaven, Netherlands)
  • Americas
    • us-central1-a, b, c and f (Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA)
  • Asia-Pacific
    • asia-east1-c (Changhua County, Taiwan)

Note: not every SKU is available in each region, so double check the above page when planning your deployments.

In addition to specifying a valid zone, you will need to make sure the TPU API is enabled, and your account has the relevant IAM permissions: Cloud TPU\TPU Admin.

At the moment TPUs are predominantly designed for centralised data processing rather than close-to-edge processing. Hence the somewhat limited number of locations TPUs are available within.

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