I have workflow that create 2 virtual machines on GCP. When virtual instance created I store output with external ip to variable. In next playbook i want to use all of my ip addresses in host section. My code is:

- name: Download and install jenkins
   - "{{ node_1_ip }}"
   - "{{ node_2_ip }}"
   - name: Install java
       name: java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel
     become: true

But when I run my playbook i have warning:

[WARNING]: Could not match supplied host pattern, ignoring: is my node_2_ip. How can I apply my playbook to this 2 machines?

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I suspect you haven't set up the host in your inventory you can figure out where your hosts are being pulled from with the following command:

ansible-config dump | grep HOST

In practice, you probably just need to create an inventory file with the following content:

node01 ansible_host=IP OF YOUR FIRST NODE HERE!!!
node02 ansible_host=

Then specify the -i parameter to ansible-playbook:

ansible-playbook -i inventory -k playbook.yml

Depending on your exact use cases it might be more scalable and maintainable to use GCE Dynamic Inventory, although this does require a little bit of extra setup.

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