I'm freshman in Jenkins. I would like to cancel jobs by it's own label (hundreds) from my Queue of tasks given to slaves: jenkins.model.Jenkins.getInstance().getQueue() so i then could do: items[i].doCancelQueue()

Currently I only know how to do it, by its name: items[i].task.getFullName().

I'm looking for something like this: (when I iterate over Slaves that's just give me list of available labels for a single slave)

for (aSlave in hudson.model.Hudson.instance.slaves) {
    println('Name: ' + aSlave.name);
    println('getLabelString: ' + aSlave.getLabelString());

My whole code for deleting jobs by name

import hudson.model.*  

def q = jenkins.model.Jenkins.getInstance().getQueue()   
def items = q.getItems()

if (job_name_fragment == '' && revision == ''){
    println("At least one param is requied")
    return 1

def count = 0
for (i=0;i<items.length;i++){  
    if (items[i].task.getName().contains("trunk") || items[i].task.getName().contains("dev")|| items[i].task.getName().contains("Windows")){
        println("Task: " + items[i].task.getName() + " has been skipped")
    if(job_name_fragment == '' || items[i].task.getFullName().contains(job_name_fragment)){  
        if(revision == '' || items[i].params.contains(revision)){
            println("Task: " + items[i].task.getFullName() + " has been deleted from queue")
println("Removed total: " + count + " tasks from queue")



Found it by myself, if anyone will be interested check:


in. https://javadoc.jenkins-ci.org/hudson/model/Queue.Item.html

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