I have the below code in the jenkisn pipeline:

   stage ("amd_distribution_input_transformation"){
                    amd_distribution_input_transformation url: params.DOMAIN_DESCRIPTOR_URL, secret: params.CERDENITAL_ID

amd_distribution_input_transformation.groovy content:

def call(Map parameters)
    def CREDENITAL_ID = parameters.secret
    def DOMAIN_DESCRIPTOR_URL = parameters.url
    sh '''
        python amd_distribution_input_transformation.py

in the amd_distribution_input_transformation.py some code is running, and at the end, it returns object named 'artifacts_list'

my question is, how can I assign the return obect from groovy file to pipeline variable. BTW, if it helps, I can write the output to json file from the python code (and here I'm stuck on how eventually assign that file to the pipeline variable)

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Have you tried setting returnStdout to true in the sh() command per the Jenkins documentation?

You can then assign that output to a variable within your pipeline:

def artifactsList = sh(label: 'Running amd_distribution_input transformation', returnStdout: true, script: 'python amd_distribution_input_transformation.py')

and check what kind of object that variable is, and act on it accordinly

  • I clarified the question. Can you have a look?
    – arielma
    Nov 23, 2019 at 10:39

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