I have a Perl script and want to run it as a web service so it can be called using a HTTP endpoint. The Perl script uses GNU Diffutils so I'm wondering the best way to accomplish this. My initial thought is to take an IaaS approach:

  1. Create a Virtual Machine in the cloud (Azure, AWS, DO) running Debian GNU/Linux
  2. Install & configure a web server (Apache)
  3. Install GNU Diffutils
  4. Install Python CGI that will exchange information between the web server and Perl script

What does StackExchange think of these steps? Is there a PaaS or FaaS (AWS Lambda) approach to this where infrastructure maintenance can be reduced?

  • Could you explain what you mean with SO and how the perl script looks like, e.g. what kind of functions does it have? Could you rephrase so I'm wondering the best way to accomplish this to something like what options are available. "What is the best way" will lead to opinionated answers. – 030 Nov 30 at 6:56
  • 1
    Sorry, meant to say StackExchange instead of SO (StackOverflow) – HBCondo Nov 30 at 21:57

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