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How to manage the database in an environment per branch, creating a new instance per branch is the best approach? [duplicate]

I'm trying to create an environment per branch using Git lab CI, until here we're good. But my concern right now is how to manage the Database? I thought of using RDS and terraform, but what I'm ...
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What strategies exist to transition DB Migrations with Stored Procedures to Continuous Delivery?

Our company has broken up most of our large Monolith application into smaller Microservices and we have a clear plan on how to get new services on Kubrenetes into a CI/CD pipeline. However, we still ...
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What are tools that lend themselves for backup and recovery in a CI/CD environment?

I have used tar, dump, Amanda, Legato (EMC) Networker and other backup software for making backups of systems. However, I don't know the best tools for making backups in a CI/CD (Continuous ...
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Zero Downtime Deployment with Database Backward Compatibility [duplicate]

Question Does anyone have experience with Database Backward Compatibility to achieve Zero Downtime Deployment? Are there good links or references that I can read? Reason I am working with a ...
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Does anyone have resources, tools, ideas, for automating database create, update, modify, delete

I've been tasked to find a way to automate promotion of database creation, changes and other modification related to application changes in a devops world. My databases include MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL ...
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what do you think of making fast decisions?

I am trying to convince my fellow workers and management as part of DevOps transformation to adopt "fail fast" in almost everything. Amazon has two principles "bias for action" & "are right a lot" ...
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How to test database applications in QA testing environments?

Process Our current process is: Build process produces a windows setup (msi). This setup consists of a web site deployment and also database scripts - which can create a new database or upgrade ...
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How to do blue-green deployment with PL/SQL code?

Is it possible to do blue-green deployment when your software is mostly a set of PL/SQL packages? I don't really want to duplicate the database, the financial risks in case of any desyncs are too big....
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How to create staging servers for multiple git branches?

I have to create a new staging process for our development and testing. At any given time, there are only around 4 git branches actively being developed and tested. Within each git branch, there may ...
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Persistent Storage with Docker in Production - Which Solution and Why?

I've recently started working for a company that wants to break their monolithic SaaS application up into containerized microservices. I'm having a hard time grasping a fundamental part of persistent ...
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Does the "cattle not pets" distinction apply as equally to machine instances as to containers?

There is a great discussion of the Cattle vs Pets distinction from Randy Bias here. Martin Fowler talks about a SnowFlakeServer. In a series of talks, Adrian Cockcroft talks about how they moved ...
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How to synchronize deployments (especially of database object changes) on multiple environments [duplicate]

I am the DevOps engineer and a software engineer in a team where months back, the developers moved from having a central Oracle DB to having the DB on a CentOS VM on their individual laptops. The move ...
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