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Questions tagged [agile]

Use this tag for questions about the agile methodology, which describes a set of principles for software development.

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Can the Waterfall method leverage CI/CD+ and still be considered Waterfall?

Often it seems to be assumed or implied that DevOps is simply the Agile method expanded beyond programming to things like Operations and Configuration as Code, and so forth. So, this has left me ...
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How to measure Lead Time for a Scrum Team

I'm currently revisiting Accelerate by Nicole Forsgren and I'm looking at her metrics for measuring high performance. Specifically Lead Time which she defines as: Lead Time is the time it takes ...
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How well can agile pair programming work in interdisciplinary DevOps contexts?

In agile, pair programming can be performed like the following: two specialists of same discipline change the place before the terminal and each has a chance to code and to conceptualize/reflect; two ...
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What are DevOps & Ops user stories, or elements in scrum context?

What type of user stories should Operations write down while being asked to be a stakeholder in a scrum project? Following this template: "As Operations engineer, I want to.. in order to.."?! My ...
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Is scrum or kanban really useful for SRE teams?

Agile practices like scrum and kanban were primarily designed for software development. Interrupt and unplanned work is a significant component of what most SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) or ...
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Add a rule to a work item type with formula in Azure DevOps boards [closed]

In Azure DevOps I'm adding some fields on a task and now I'll do some calculations with them. For example if I enter in field A 10 and in the field B 50, field C must be equal to 15, calculated using ...
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what do you think of making fast decisions?

I am trying to convince my fellow workers and management as part of DevOps transformation to adopt "fail fast" in almost everything. Amazon has two principles "bias for action" & "are right a lot" ...
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If a piece of work requires manual testing/QA, do we need to wait until opening PR?

First question here (i'm usually on StackOverflow)...not sure if the right place (if not, please vote to move where it belongs). If we have a dev process using traditional GitFlow approach, what ...
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How to correlate Devops deploy on demand with Agile Sprint Process

I'm not clear how a Sprint which is timed-box to a predetermined length (1/2/3 weeks) fits with a DevOps principle of being able to deploy on demand or as needed. Is deploying to production part of ...
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How does 'Environment Management' work in a DevOps world?

I've had some very interesting conversations today about the role of Environment Management within teams that follow DevOps practices. The traditional role of an Environment Manager was someone who: ...
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Does my organization need adopt Agile Soft. Dev. before adopting DevOps?

Agile software development is the methodology of choice for software shops today. But there are still organisations which are not practicing Agile in their software development, who might be ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Which Release Management aspects help explain the difference between Waterfall and Agile?

When explaining DevOps to somebody, it happens that a question comes up like: How does Release Management using the Agile methodology differ from Waterfall? So what kind of criteria can you use to ...
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How can Agile methodologies, CI/CD be applied to massive, monolithic software projects with 100s/1000s of developers?

Using continuous integration represents an (almost) mandatory requirement for a software project to be agile. And without CI there can be no continuous delivery/deployment. But CI can face ...
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What is the origin of "Release early and often"?

Where does the origin of the Release Early, Release Often (RERO) principle come from?
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How is DevOps related to Agile? [closed]

Agile has been around for quite a while. And several offspring came out of it, such as Extreme Programming, Scrum, Lean Software Development and others. Isn't DevOps just another offspring of Agile? ...
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