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AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS) provides persistent block level storage volumes for use with EC2 instances in the AWS Cloud

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Is it possible to loop through ec2 resources created with a count variable, while in the same module?

I have an ec2 module, which determines the number of instances via a count variable, like so: resource "aws_instance" "this" { count = var.instance_count I would like to ...
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Deploy to Ubuntu server with python script and awsebcli fails

Just yesterday everything worked fine on our AWS ElasticBeanstalk continuous deployment, but today suddenly fails with the following errors: $ pip install awsebcli -q --upgrade DEPRECATION: Python 2.7 ...
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JFrog on dedicated disk

Is it possible to install JFrog on a separate disk? For example in an AWS EBS I find their documentation a bit confusing, so i checked don't have a walk-through for this. I'm looking at this ...
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How to setup a permanent storage volume for EC2 instance?

I created an EC2 instance of r5ad.xlarge and installed Jenkins on it. However, after a few jobs I configured and ran I saw a warning about no space left. Then realised Jenkins was installed on 8 GB ...
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Do AWS backups of large empty volumes take longer than small ones?

AWS provides backup functionality for RDS databases and snapshots functionality for EBS volumes. Given a small amount of data, would the backup and restore time change depending on whether it's ...
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What are some ways of persisting volumes when dealing with spot instances for R/D purposes? [closed]

I do R&D work on spot GPU's on AWS and have been, so far, launching them from a 50GB AMI that I create every time I need to shut off the instance. This has been working pretty well, except that ...
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How to increase the size of a disk on a running instance on Amazon EC2

I got a running instance of a EC 2 server setup with Ubunto. What's the best way to increase the disk size without any downtime and minimal risk? Reading through the guides, one way would be to ...
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