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Troubleshooting VPC flow logs with an S3 bucket using SSE-KMS encryption with CMK

I'm using Terraform and trying to set up automatic export of VPC flow logs into an S3 bucket in the same AWS account and region (ca-central-1) that has default encryption turned on with AWS-KMS (using ...
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Why does the datasource "external" always fail?

so my issue here is that terraform really does not like a command I'm trying to run using an external datasource. I'm trying to hack my way around a problem where terraform wont wait for a KMS ...
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Is there any way I can rotate AWS KMS keys every time interval < 1 year?

According AWS KMS, keys can be rotated once every year. However, there is no way I can define a custom time period for that. However, I can keep changing the same in the bucket's policy manually. So,...
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