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Questions tagged [amazon-s3]

Amazon Simple Storage Service. For questions about storing and retrieving DevOps-related data in S3, or using S3 for building a code pipeline.

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Allowing all apps/users access to folder - S3FS-FUSE

I'm running an application on AWS EC2 Ubuntu instance, here's what I've done: - I've mounted S3 bucket as folder with s3fs-fuse using this command (unfortunately as root : sudo): sudo s3fs ...
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granting access to personal folder in s3

I'm trying a setup where Cognito users are granted access only to personal folder inside a common bucket. Everything works as long as I use "aws:userid" as folder name, i.e. s3://mybucket/${...
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How to add a user to MinIO server using CLI?

I have MinIO server running in docker. I need to add a user from command line mc admin user add local ACCESSKEY SECRETKEY mc: <ERROR> Unable to add new user. Access Denied. why? How to add an ...
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Create an S3 blobstore on Nexus fails ("The S3 bucket exists but you are not the owner")

Before mentioning my problem, I want to inform you that I'm using terraform and having nexus container running on EC2 orchestrated by Amazon ECS. Here is the objective: I want to create an S3 ...
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How to assign different authorizations to different AWS Cognito groups for a static site served by AWS Cloudfront

We have implemented the following AWS solution in order to publish a static html site on the internet : How can we manage to assign ...
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s3: reading parquet files with a subset of columns as argument; does this reduce data transfer?

I have set of large tables stored as parquets on s3. In python, I'm using: pd.read_parquet(...,columns=columns) I'm reading the files directly from s3, without any database engine whatsoever for ...
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